About Jombos Dispensary

You’re busy. You have a life that’s probably bursting at the seams. Maybe you’re a parent, or perhaps you’re an overtaxed employee or boss. We don’t think that your health should be sacrificed due to time demands. Stress is its own kind of virus in the world today, and here at Jombos, we know it can take a damaging toll on our customers. That’s why you are our priority; your health, your peace of mind, and your emotional well-being. We work hard to make sure that you’re able to live your life with less pain and, hopefully, a lot less stress. From your first step into the shop to the plan that our experts will help you develop, our goal is to give you the best health experience you’ve ever had.


Jombos Dispensary started with this dream to bring the islands’ relaxed, stress-free atmosphere to Tulsa, Oklahoma. There might not be a beach full of sand and surf anywhere nearby. Still, Jombos is committed to helping our customers receive the highest level of care and professionally-tested products. You don’t need to worry about a thing when you step into our store.

South Tulsa Dispensary

The Owners

Jombos Dispensary is a family-owned and operated local business. Boe and Brady were born and raised in Broken Arrow, OK, and are thrilled to be in Tulsa taking care of their neighbors and friends. Jamie was born and raised in New Jersey and now resides in Broken Arrow, OK, with the others. The idea of Jombos Dispensary sprang from their passion for visiting the islands. The cleanliness of the beaches and resorts, the relaxation of the warm sun, and the laughter that’s contagious when you’re not checking your email inbox all inspired this family to create a space where stress isn’t allowed. Boe, Brady, and Jamie didn’t start this company to be cool. They started it to provide help for customers struggling with pain and other symptoms. Jombos takes away the fear out of shopping for cannabis by creating a unique, one-on-one experience.

South Tulsa CBD Oil Store

When you step into Jombos Dispensary’s store, know you’re stepping into a fully legal and professional shop. We comply with Oklahoma State Question 788, and our products have all been professionally tested. We provide the highest quality cannabis that will make a positive difference in our customer’s lives. We believe in education, both for ourselves and for our customers. In this new and changing market, we are committed to keeping ourselves at the forefront of the industry. When visiting our shop, you won’t be on your own either. We know that you’re medical needs are private and want you to feel 100% comfortable. This is why we provide one-on-one with our experts for any customer that walks through our door. No matter your level of experience, we exist to help you find solutions on your health journey. Consider us your very own guide on this journey. Our experts will explain all of your options, direct, and make suggestions, but this is your health journey. You aren’t just a customer to us, but our partner. Just call us your own personal Gandalf (in a Hawaiian shirt).

Our Store

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