Jombos Island Time Dispensary RX is dedicated to serving its customers the best cannabis products on the market, as well as giving them a unique and specialized experience. However, you may want some more information on our products. Keep reading for your own personal cannabis 101.

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You may have heard the word cannabinoids in your research.


Cannabinoids, otherwise known as THC and CBD, are the compounds emitted by the cannabis flowers (see what we mean when we say we offer natural solutions?) that help reduce inflammation, pain, and many other symptoms that can decrease your quality of life. How do they do this? Well, it’s a long story. Cannabinoids use their medicinal qualities to act like substances our bodies should naturally produce. These substances, or endocannabinoids, help regulate our health. These cannabinoids can play a significant role in helping our bodies reduce pain and become healthier. However, each strain is different and offers distinct benefits and effects.


Before we look at the main strains of cannabis that we provide at Jombos, let’s cover THC and CBD.


THC and CBD are very similar. They both have medicinal benefits. THC has an extremely relaxing and euphoric effect, helping with pain, muscle spasticity, and more. CBD has fewer side effects than THC, making it a popular alternative. There is a small amount of THC in CBD, but there is no high effect. CBD also helps with pain management, seizures, inflammation, and more.

The three main strains of cannabis that Jombos Island Time Dispensary RX carries are Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and hybrid. Let’s take a look at them!

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This type of weed is a shorter, stockier plant with broader leaves and thick leaves. Indicas are often identified as a full-body relaxer, providing sedative-like effects. This strain has high CBD levels, causing it to be a very calming strain often used to treat insomnia. Indicas can also help with arthritis, headaches, anxiety, and more.

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This strain’s plant is taller with narrower leaves, and the perks of taking it are commonly associated with an energy spike and euphoric feelings. Sativa has high THC levels, which explains the high-like side effects. Better suited for daytime, these strains are uplifting and sometimes used to help with depression, fatigue, nausea, mood disorders, and much more.

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You might have already gotten this from the name, but Hybrid strains are a combination of both Indica and Sativa plants. However, there aren’t many true, pure Indica or Sativa strains left. Those are very rare. Due to a lot of cross-breeding throughout the years, most of the plants we label Indica or Sativa are most dominant in that. While most trains are, in fact, hybrid, the only ones labeled so have inherited equal measures of genetics from each species.


Examples of Hybrid strains:

There are many other Hybrid strains and Indica and Sativa strains available to you at Jombos Island Style Dispensary RX. If you’re interested in finding out more information or making an appointment with one of our specialists, give us a call! Our specialize will plan a free appointment to go over your symptoms and create a personalized plan for your wellness!

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What's your process, and how do I know it will work for me?

Our process is highly personalized and professional. Our customers receive free one-on-one screening with one of our specialists in one of our relaxing appointment rooms to ensure your total privacy. Your specialist, an expert in cannabis products and their medicinal qualities, will then be able to create a plan to improve your health and reduce pain. Unlike other dispensaries, we won’t just shove a product in your hand. We’ll walk with you, step by step, to ensure that you receive the best care and the best products.

How do I know my limit?

This is an important question, and we’re happy you’re asking it. Knowing your limit is an essential part of safely using cannabis products. However, your limit is different for each person and depends on several factors, like age, weight, and what product you’re taking. Your specialist will be sure to cover and discuss this topic with you, but if you have any other questions about your limit or your use, be sure to ask or contact us!

What are the different types of cannabis?

Another great question and we have the answer! The three main types of cannabis are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Each of these strains gives distinct benefits and effects, and each is used to treat various conditions. If you have any more questions, please give us a call to set up a time with one of our specialists to go over these medicinal plants’ benefits and side effects.

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